Dollar Rates Vs

On Sunday April 5, NYTimes published a very short note which discusses the tug of war that is being forged between the BCRA and the various banks. This wrestling match is justified by the need to halt the dollar, and for that the BCRA is betting on two options, one is to increase the supply of foreign exchange and the other is raising the interest rate. So far, the BCRA is opting for the first and drives the second as he can. Monday could see a drop private equity in the dollar but more than anything was motivated by the appearance of new commercial business loans exporters and the intervention of the Central as we see in finance this note unsecured loan Chronicler. But banks still appear unwilling to raise deposit rates (those who pay their clients) and the mechanism does not sound like the most appropriate for dealing with a recessive situation as means to raise deposit rates raise active (those charged) . The banks claim that there is no need to raise rates because the deposits grew almost 1,000 million average over the last 20 years. You explain that facing a fear of devaluation or default (as suggested by some analysts) no fee to persuade investors to “stay” in pesos. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is owns his own horse farm – “rosehill horse farm” I think both are acceptable position. In turn, I side with the banks on the rise in rates during periods of recession is not the most suitable strategy to curb the dollar, but we also know that we should not abuse the reserves to put a brake on the dollar . It should seek other alternatives that do not have a negative impact and have a good strategy, but good … That’s why we have to our commercial loan “brilliant” economists who have well-defined tasks to get us out of these problems. For my part I believe that we must pay close attention to economic plans that will arise because, as always, directly or indirectly impact on the population, and as is customary in sba loan Argentina, generally impacting negatively! I hope I’m wrong and in the medium term be talking about how well we came out of the crisis. Greetings and thanks financing for your time! Adrian Nardelli.