Wuqinxi” ‘(The game of the five animals)

The latest proposal devised by the creators of video game s is a product that provides fun and at the same time allows us to form and without any need to go to the gym. The game in question was developed by EA Sports and fitness expert for the Nintendo Wii console and is called Active Personal Trainer as its name suggests through a personal trainer, we offer a wide variety of activities for both the exercise top and bottom of our body, so as to regulate the heartbeat. The creator of the game of the five animals (wuqinxi” ‘) was the physician Hua Tuo (”’ to 208 BC) from the late Eastern Han Dynasty.
According to the “History of Han Dynasty later” Hua Tuo wrote:
“The human body needs to work and move, but should not exceed its limits. The labor movement and muscle contribute to evacuate the excess gases, make it smooth blood circulation and provide a degree of immunity against diseases. This is at the center of the door that does not rot never be in constant motion. The wise ancestors teach us that one can achieve longevity if it moves just as they do in the wild bears and eagles. “
“When you feel any physical discomfort, he began to practice gymnastics for five animals or one of the five and do not forget to break up a sweat, so that the face and wakes you shine your appetite”
The exercises of the five animals combine the mind, the figure and breathing. In these exercises is necessary and full integration of mind, spirit, body, breathing and movement. Movements must be agile, flexible and spontaneous. We need to breathe so deep and rhythmic movements in accordance with the act and the spirit of the animal whose movement is performed.
“El Tigre with his bright eyes, jumps or runs to turn the body as quickly as lightning, showing its powerful claws, and deer, meanwhile, meek and obedient, moves with agility and strength to run or stand still, so a grace that is driven to love, the mischievous Monkey, or climbing a tree to pick fruit, or look here or there, showing an almost human intelligence, the Bear, fat is an animal that seems awkward but serene but their movements will make a worry-free and expand your rib cage and the crane extending the wings, is about to start the flight, once the sky is no longer seen, hidden behind the clouds, to appear after by including as a figure of some god in heaven. “
There are different series of exercises for the game of the five animals with alternatives, as there have been various schools and families that have been developed and forwarded to this practice over the centuries.