Down and Out the trouble started. And if you do not just start, but continue to cause no power? If there is no strength to get up in the morning and all day passes as if each leg is tied to on Girs? Fatigue, drowsiness, apathy – constant companions? In addition, excessive weight, high cholesterol, and in the evening attack such a hunger that it was impossible not to empty the refrigerator? Well, what can we say – weight problems – this is a problem with metabolism. Your cells are not adequately get their energy, and how many do not eat, energy, and will not get into the cells, and will stick to the "problem areas". This stems from the lack of L-carnitine. Levocarnitine (l-carnitine, BT, B11, elkarnitin) – this vitamin-like amino acid that is synthesized in the body. But not always, body synthesizes it in sufficient quantities. The main functions of Levocarnitine – correct metabolic processes, in particular fat energy transfer, and withdraw from the cells 'waste' substance. Most of our body gets energy from the decomposition of carbohydrates, due to the oxidation of oxygen (that is what people need and constantly breathe), but some of the energy received and stored in the body in the form of fat.

It is for the breakdown of fats and their transfer to the energy wasted by us and not put off at the waist, and is responsible elkarnitin. Lack Levocarnitine leads to the fact that fat does not enter the cells, and in the form of atherosclerotic plaques and fatty deposits affects our health and form. In addition to this there is the "energy starvation" of cells, especially in need of energy (which is the heart and brain), and as a result: chronic fatigue, depression, apathy, insomnia, chronic stress. In addition to these symptoms, which often turn into the disease, and may include heart failure, and vascular dystonia, and degenerative brain disease. No less important is the function of Levocarnitine neuroprotection: it serves as a transport to a conclusion through the kidneys, degradation products and toxins, and reduces the level of free radicals from the excesses which primarily affected the brain. Levocarnitine – an active participant in the synthesis of acetylcholine-a neurotransmitter involved in thinking and remembering. Lack Levocarnitine leads to deterioration opportunities for training, memory lapses, distraction due to violation of neurochemical balance of the brain. L-carnitine is particularly important when low-carb diet and weight loss programs, as breaks down the fat depot in energy, which speeds up the "loss of extra pounds" and reduces hunger.

Lack Levocarnitine in children leads to stunted growth, "energy diathesis" is the cause of acute respiratory diseases, diseases of the sense organs and kidneys. C age falls elkarnitina synthesis, so it must take extra elderly. Studies have shown that taking Levocarnitine people older than 60 led to an increase in muscle mass in relation to fat, increased stamina and mental abilities and, on responses of the patients after the course they felt that they "become younger." This confirms the increased quality of life improvement in general mood, reducing the risk of depression and dementia. "Accomplice" in the process Levocarnitine fat reduction, but inside the cell acts as coenzyme Q10, so that when taken together with Levocarnitine coenzyme Q10, the effect of this combination surpasses the effect of each substance in particular. Therefore, complex preparations c L-carnitine and coenzyme Q10 – one of the most effective in cases of anti-obesity, depression, chronic fatigue, and among the means to improve the quality of life.

Type Skin

However, the concentration of the filters can not increase indefinitely and with impunity. That is why Researchers are constantly looking for new opportunities to raise the level of protection from the sun and not cause a skin of indirect harm. Who is the product Sun protection is especially needed for people who are sensitive to UV radiation. Scientists have counted stock "solar" strength, which is designed for our bodies: for example, white-skinned blonde earthlings in my entire life can spend in the sun 50 000 hours without harm to health. Their swarthy fellows – three times as much.

If we are talking about the correct and safe tan, it must be remembered that the skin's resistance to ultraviolet radiation is not the same for all of us. Experts divide the population Earth in six groups, depending on skin type: * Type 1 People with very fair skin, blue or green eyes, blond or red hair. Experts call them albinos. Their skin contains little melanin, which helps absorb and filter the sunlight. Representatives of this type of leather is very easy to burn (turns red), but rarely tans – usually just red. Such people are generally not recommended to tan, because their skin is not can defend itself from ultraviolet radiation. They may be without danger to himself to stay in the sun for 5-10 minutes. The only way out – to be under the tent, that is enough for health.

* Type 2 people with English, Scotland, Baltic or Scandinavian inheritance: light blue or brown eyes, blond or red hair, freckles. Their skin is slightly tan, red, and very often exposed to sunburn. In short, a little more bearable UV-type people than the first, but very similar to him. Without pretreatment of the skin to tan in the first few days in the sun much blush, burn. Later the skin may peel.

Metabolic Disorders

At the same time gradually formed in the subcutaneous tissue characteristic tubercles. Sometimes due to poor blood circulation, they inflamed and become boleznennymi.Voobsche whole body fat of the human body can be divided into three layers, which differ from each other by location and features of metabolic disorders. It is believed that the number of adipocytes (fat cells) in adult enough time. Hence, the increase in the amount of fat is associated not with the number of fat cells and increases their volume. The diameter of fat cells can grow at 30-40 times depending on the degree of obesity and features of adipose tissue.

The first layer – the surface is located between the skin and muscle fascia – thin film that covers the muscles. It is from this layer is mainly dependent shape and proportions of the human figure, that is exactly it is "responsible" for completeness. The first layer is located on the entire surface of the body, and in fact he is affected by cellulite. The second layer of fat – more than a deep, placed at muscle fascia. Its volume is more or less constant and does not change when the total weight loss of the body. The third layer of fat – internal (visceral) – is located inside the abdomen. Hypertrophy – an excessive increase of this layer – More typical of men, and is expressed in the form of big bellies. Treatment.

Success in combating fatty deposits depends on a properly chosen tactics. Need to work on different body wellness practices. Here a trick, rather than frontal attack, but it requires a comprehensive approach to this problem. Let us consider the basic methods of struggle. 1. Need to start with food – it's all we know, but most women do not does. Proper nutrition is the main weapon to combat this problem, namely: – three meals without snacks – no saturated fat meal, take-up liquid meal for 10 – 15 minutes – drink per day 1.5 – 2.5 liters net non carbonated water, ignore the sweet fizzy drinks – food should be rich in fiber (you eat a salad of cabbage, carrots) – eat little and semi-refined foods (sausages, frankfurters, ham, smoked sturgeon, and so on) – upotreblyaet regularly enough vitamins and minerals.