Did I Digress

Looking at the title of my blog on How to be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy, I seemed to have digressed from the main title of my blog. Over the span of time, I wrote about being healthy to treating foot pain, to lessons on accupunture and cupping, business coaching and lastly my series on Halal Food and its promotion. Hmmm .. did I really digress Hoped that I have what I wrote were and still are beneficial to those who have read them. My opinion is that everything in our life is interconnected. Being happy leads one to be healthy. Being healthy will enable a person to go on his life’s mission .. Which is to be wealthy in whatever he / she so chooses. It may be wealth of money, or wealth of knowledge or have a wealth of great friends and family. To maintain one’s happiness, the body has got to work hard. The nourishment that it receives play an important role. That is why, taking the right food and the right amount will lead to a happy and healthy body and mind. For Muslims, we believe in the commandments of the Creator, Allah.Allah commander us to take in only food Which is pure and clean. By obeying the commands of Allah, the body, mind and soul get its nourishment to perform the daily duties efficiently. cinergy health