Tender night

After the success with their debut album, goes on sale the second. production, Tender night in 1996. With his first single Sugar bitter, he finds himself on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks for over fifty-week stay. In Mexico and Latin America remained for weeks in the top of popularity. Hence, their next singles “Rush”, “Under the Rainbow,” “I belong”, “Popocatepetl”, “Move,” “Tender at night,” “A little crazy” and “Tears on my pillow,” he became immediate successes. His tour “Tender night,” Fey proved her international recognition, and filled consecutively for 12 dates, the National Auditorium, one of the most important places in Mexico with more than 10,000 people in each. The tour consisted of over forty presentations in Mexico, U.S. and Latin America as well as some shows in Europe.In Brazil, the success obtained leads to a Brazilian version of the CD with songs in Portuguese. This album contains six separate ions of the original.