NBA Quintets

All-NBA First Team: Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Chris Paul. Second Team All-NBA: Amare Stoudamire, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Deron Williams and Deron Williams. Third team All-NBA: Yao Ming, Carlos Boozer, Paul Pierce, Tracy McG and Manu Ginobilli. Defensive First Team of the Year: Kevin Garnett, Kobe Brynat, Marcus Camby, Bruce Bowen, Tim Duncan. Defensive Second Team of the Year: Shane Battier, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Tayshaun Prince, Raja Bell. All-Rookie First Team: Al Horford, Kevin Durant, Luis Scola, Al Thornton, Jeff Green. All-Rookie Second Team: Jamario Moon, Juan Carlos Navarro, Thaddeus Young, Rodney Stuckey, Carl Landry. Perhaps second-NBA team should have put another player in place of Nash, hai players did better than their position. I would like to know why the NBA does not account for Baron Davis. In the All-Rookie first team must have Moon by Green.