Mental Health

Through this, FIELDS (1990) affirm that, ' ' it does not have doubt that, specifically in the area of Mental Health, over all in the public services, real teams of work do not exist to interdisciplinar and yes professional of diverse areas of knowledge, being developed its activities in an institution without it has on the part of this, definition of a work proposal come back toward a common objective. The developed actions, that have as white the patient, frequently lack of joints and if they lose or if they dilute for if adding, juxtaposing or same if contraporem.' ' The same author affirms that the work to interdisciplinar is not static, nor compartimentado. Multidisciplinaridade and interdisciplinaridade must walk together. It relates, still, that many times are called team to interdisciplinar, what in the reality is a grouping of professionals of different areas. Learn more on the subject from Celebrity trainer. A group of professional only configures a team to interdisciplinar when it operates in cooperative way, converging its objectives to one given situation, of form to have complementariedade and it does not add or overlapping. Ahead of this perspective, professionals who work in the CAPS must demonstrate interest and also to search to extend its knowledge to all to that solutions for problems are taken care of by the service, considering, guiding the cuidadores for one better quality of life, constructing social representations, contributing for the promotion of the multiplying health of this population and creating of the action. thus, disponibilizando the conquest of the autonomy and the socialization placing in evidence the pontecialidades and abilities of the individual better to be managed and worked in the social conviviality and for proper individual well-being of each one. 5CONSIDERAES FINAL According to Rodrigues; Figueiredo, 2003, during centuries carrying individuals of mental upheavals sees being moved away from the society, thus being trancafiados in lunatic asylums, without healthful conditions and the main one without right to think on its life; The upheaval can be considered as effect of factors that can be biological (organic), however is one period deriving of the desestruturao of the familiar relations, or same, difficulties of the proper person in dealing with its subjectivity and the relationships. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ford Motors.