The term refers to fasting, fasting for a specified period, in which we take no nourishment. Before we recommend fasting one or two prep days in which we should take, inter alia, low-fat diet. Within the Lenten season is no feeling of hunger is felt, if the fasting is done correctly. The fasting has a healing effect on human health, since free the human body at this time of pollutants, especially of toxic substances. During the purification of the body we can also investigate itself, so that it can be a spiritual cleansing. Health problems, which are due to be improved by the chronic fasting, or fully recover. That is why fasting is recommended especially for people who have suffered other head and migraine pain, and sleep disorders. Also to be activated by the fasting of the body’s defenses, which make for an energy boost, so that one is also mostly always good humored. Alsoit improves their skills in the intellectual sphere, thereby requiring a more efficient service ensured in all areas of life. Also, it allows seeing the daily life less hectic so that it is now more relaxed in every situation. After the end of fasting, you can also take a shift in the field of nutrition in attack. For a perfectly healthy shift in the field of nutrition can be guaranteed to continue polluting the body of toxic substances to leave.