Later developments

The system began to decline following the 1973 oil crisis. Tax rates and unemployment increased, thus the social domain was broken and for brief periods the country was controlled by moderate right-wing governments. Subsequently saw a recessionary crisis in the country, leading to reduced social spending in 1990. Causing social problems for several years, for example, crime increased. Eventually Sweden was the recession, but in 2000 there was a new, albeit smaller, crisis, due to the end of the dot-com bubble. Precaution measures have been deeper again a strong and growing economy.At present, although it is clear that the global economic climate is changing, with the “outsourcing” or outsourcing remains a serious challenge to the standard of living and working in Sweden, levels of education, health and abundant natural resources have enabled Sweden maintains relatively high levels of economic growth and employment: although there is debate about the actual levels (some think they are very high among the young) Sweden has recently been ranked as one of the strongest economies in Europe. According to the UN, Sweden has one of the lowest poverty levels in the world (6 ) and is among the five nations with more equal income distribution. However, its GDP is now lower than in other Nordic countries and economic growth has become a matter of concern. Politically, Sweden is praised by many as a successful example of what can be the social democratic project.Many praise the party for having managed to overcome the recession of the ’80s and ’90s, arguing that the problems facing Sweden are the result of a gradual adaptation to the global economy. Others argue that the present system depends on a level of excessive taxes and what modifications are necessary to promote economic growth. They add that the system creates a “bidragskultur” (culture of welfare) in which people, especially young people are not motivated to work. Others counter that these young people would work if they could find work. In the 2006 elections the country was divided between supporters of the left and right. But even right-wingers (who won) try to keep the essence of the welfare state, with modifications to reduce unemployment and promote economic growth.Neither party intends to dissolve Sweden over the welfare state, since such a proposal would be deeply unpopular with the population, which is generally skeptical of proposals for the extremes of both right and left. In that sense, the changes Danes, who has a similar system, and has managed to reduce unemployment by reducing job security measures (ie, making it easier to dismiss an employee) have become an object of study in Sweden. Nobody knows what will happen in the medium to long term as a result of those measures that make Denmark’s system, which is being called “flexicurity” (flexicurity) – resembles the Anglo-Saxon model (English) welfare state. Sweden is not the only country that is studying these developments. It is said that France is also interested.

Ricard Ricard Gom

Ricard Ricard Gom Gom i Carmona Carmona (Barcelona, 1964) is a politician born in Catalonia, a member of Initiative for Catalonia Greens (ICV) and currently second deputy mayor for Social Action and Citizenship in the City of Barcelona, where he chairs the ICV-municipal group EUiA. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Master in Public Policy from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland) and Master of Urban and Metropolitan Studies at UAB. He has been Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Law at the UAB (1987-1993), where he also served as coordinator of the Bachelor of Political Science and Administration. He has also worked as a visiting professor at several Spanish universities, European and Latin American countries (Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Brazil).He specializes in social policy research and the Welfare State, local governments, civic participation and social movements in both the EU and Latin America. He has participated in numerous research projects on these issues. As a member of the coordinating team of the Institut de Govern i Pol tiques P bliques UAB has participated in various projects on social policies, exclusion, participation and social movements. Before becoming a professor in the UAB worked as an educator in the district Bar de Viver de Barcelona. In recent years he has participated in various social movements such as the antinuclear movement, the antiwar movement, and has also been present and worked in various Social Forums (WSF) held in Porto Alegre from 2003.In 2000 military began Initiative for Catalonia Greens (ICV) and currently serves on the Policy Secretariat and the Standing Committee of the party and national leader in the field of Social Welfare of the training. He was president of the Foundation Nous Horitzons from 2002 until late 2008. He was a member of Barcelona’s bid for coalition ICV-EUiA in the municipal elections of 2003 and 2007. In the first term (2003-2007) was Councilman Ricard Gom Welfare, and since 2007 is Deputy Mayor for Social Action and Citizenship. As a councilman of Social welfare, promoted the signing of the Citizen through Barcelona inclusive, an instrument of collaboration between the municipality and the association network of the city in terms of social inclusion.This was possible under the Municipal Plan for Social Inclusion, which coordinates all municipal policies aimed at preventing the dynamics of exclusion, meet people and vulnerable groups and promoting social inclusion. In the present mandate has launched the program of Action Against Poverty aimed at financially vulnerable individuals and families and children at risk is the implementation of policies on issues including housing, employment and coverage needs Basic, among others.Currently also chairs the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities, Consortium Institute of Childhood and Urban World and is vice-president of the Consortium of Social Services Barcelona. Since 2007 co-chairs the Committee on Social Inclusion and Participative Democracy of the International Association Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). In May 2008 became president of the municipal group of ICV-EUiA in the municipality of Barcelona and the second vance of mayoral, replacing Imma Mayol, currently fifth vice-mayor of the Environment.


Jeet (pronounced Jit) Intercept Kune (pronounced Kiun) Fist, Boxing Do (pronounced Tou) Path Many people have no idea that Bruce Lee had a “real” Chinese name. Josyann Abisaab Help us provide free content to the world by donating today! LBruce Bruce Lee From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the British arsonist, see Bruce Lee (arsonist).

Risk factors

Josyann Abisaab In developed countries, smoking contributes to 95 of cases of COPD, being the most prevalent risk factor. Other factors commonly associated with COPD are: Gene Distribution PiZZ in Europe. Host factors: Genetic factors: There are numerous reports that in the pathogenesis of COPD are or should be involved several environmental genetic factors. Assuming that only 15-20 of smokers develop the disease, it is logical to think that genetics must play an important role in individual susceptibility. However, the Framingahm study suggests that in the general population, genetic factors contribute little in the loss of lung function, with expiratory flow in one second (FEV1) influenced mainly by a locus on chromosome 6 .Established a genetic factor in COPD is a deficiency of 1-antitrypsin ( 1-AT) or protease inhibitor ( 1-PI), although the deficiency of 1 (allele ZZ 1-antitrypsin gene-PIZZA) occurs in less than 1 of cases (see picture) Diet: A poor intake in antioxidant vitamins (A, C, E) is sometimes associated with an increased risk of COPD and in more recent studies is contemplating the importance of vitamin C and magnesium. There is some evidence that diets rich in fish oil are linked to a lower prevalence of COPD, although similar studies have not confirmed these findings. Flavonoids from fruits and vegetables if they seem beneficial Good nutrition from the first years of life is very important and newborns are underweight for their gestational age have increased risk of developing COPD in later stages.


The liver can synthesize niacin from the essential amino acid tryptophan, but the synthesis is extremely inefficient, 60 mg of tryptophan are required to synthesize 1 mg of niacin. The 5 member heterocyclic aromatic essential amino acid tryptophan, are rearmed with alpha amino group of tryptophan in the 6-membered heterocyclic aromatic niacin. Josyann Abisaab Different forms of niacin are contained in food (animal and plant), being as niacinamide, nicotinic acid, which are absorbed in the small intestine, then enter the circulation and from them is synthesized NAD and NADP, active forms of the vitamin. These are stored as NAD and NADP mainly in liver and erythrocytes.The 5 member heterocyclic aromatic essential amino acid, tryptophan, are rearmed with alpha amino group of tryptophan in the 6-membered heterocyclic aromatic niacin for the following reaction: Biosynthesis: Tryptophan kynurenine niacin

Campus Monterrey

In 1943, civil society is a nonprofit. This society, Higher Education and Research, AC (EISAC), is sponsored by the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), founded on 6 September 1943. The efficient work, honesty and commitment to the ideals are the first values that emerge in this new school. The first Director General of Tecnol gico de Monterrey was the engineer Leon Avalos Vez, who graduated in 1929 from MIT. Tecnol gico de Monterrey is visited by great intellectuals like Jos Vasconcelos and Alfonso Reyes, who lectures in their classrooms. On 17 July 1950, President Miguel Alem n Vald s opens the Estadio Tecnol gico. On December 7, Tecnol gico de Monterrey takes an important step in its international when his studies are accred by the Southern Association of College and Schools (SACS) of the United States.In 1951 a group of students performed the first study trip to Europe. This will begin student exchanges with universities in other continents. On March 1, 1954, in a solemn ceremony in the main reading room of the new Library of Tecnol gico de Monterrey (now Mayor of Stewardship Board), President Adolfo Ruiz Cortines led the celebrations of the Tenth Anniversary. In July this year was completed the mural designed by Jorge Gonz lez Camarena for the Library building. The mural has become one of the most symbolic of Tecnol gico de Monterrey and Monterrey is based on pre-Conquest mythology and represents the triumph of culture and daily work. In 1959, Tecnol gico de Monterrey is selected by the International Cooperation Administration (ICA), an agency of the Federal Government of the United States as a center of education and training scholarships for their students who speak the Spanish language.This selection is indicative of the international prestige gained by the institution in its early years. In 1971, the sport at Tecnol gico de Monterrey receive a major boost with the first win for the Wild Borregos in National Football Championship. In 1973, the tragic assassination of Eugenio Garza Sada at the hands of the “Liga 23 September”, founder of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, a note of mourning to the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the institution. In 1975, the Academic Senate agrees to delete the thesis preparation and presentation of the professional examination as to formal requirements for obtaining a professional degree from ITESM. Beginning this semester, students should only take and pass all subjects in the curriculum of their careers and fulfill their social service for their degree. In 1977, Ignacio A.Santos – founder member of the Council made the donation EISAC-Hospital San Jose Tec de Monterrey, in order to create the career of Surgeon within the institution. In June 1978, Monterrey Tech becomes the first educational institution in Mexico to confer professional degrees in women’s writings to the students who completed their studies. In August he joined the education system ITESM Surgeon’s career. In January 1986, the Council approves the General Statute EISAC Tecnologico de Monterrey, which defines the organization and its government system and the scope and responsibilities of each of the positions of the establishment of Tecnol gico de Monterrey. On the occasion of the World Cup “Mexico 86”, will extend the Estadio Tecnol gico.As a prelude to the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, in 1992 began the construction of classrooms VII, the Student Center, the Center for Manufacturing and the Center for Sustainable Development. The Central Library, in coordination with the Department of Humanities, organized the Second International Book Fair in Monterrey. In 1993 the 50th Anniversary of the Tecnol gico de Monterrey. The Center for Sustainable Development was opened by the President of the Republic, Lic Carlos Salinas de Gortari. It also inaugurated the Center for Manufacturing, the monument to Don Eugenio Garza Sada, the plaque honoring the founders of the campus and the Cafeteria “Jubilee.” In 1997 he created the Fund to Support Graduate Tecnologico de Monterrey and CONACYT (FAPPI) in 1998 to construct the Cultural Center of Technology and begins to install the intranet system outside the campus infrastructure. America Economia Magazine ITESM certifies to the best business school in Latin America.

Academics In The Private Health Insurance

Employees on the annual income limit of 47,700 .- (2007) have merit in either the opportunity, as a voluntary member of the public health insurance or choose to stay for a private medical insurance. Just academics and officials should take an informed and advise them deal with the benefits of private health insurance. This join is still quite a privilege of a private health insurance. For officials and academics generally is the collection of a 2nd and 3 medical specialist opinion in the foreground. Just this place ever greater demands a greater challenge to the private health insurers. Those who earned more than 48,000 a year for which there is the possibility of private health insurance. Especially for academics and officials, this is a form of good insurance. The benefits of private health insurance offer for academics and officials of a large number of benefits, the result of further developments in health care an increasingChallenge to make private health insurance. The wide range of society in the German market offered rates, and provides for the consultant the right choice, see the tariff jungle to a big challenge. A 100% of consultant and co-inquirer is of great importance. Especially the wishes and needs of the interested parties for a private health insurance are important. When academics meeting the above requirements then you can select specifically for the modular principle, the desired benefits and thus significantly affect your contribution. To calculate the premium on the academics in the private health insurance is used, the earnings limit. This mean you’ll pay as a voluntary member of the legal Krankenversichrung the maximum contribution. This can, depending on the fund at about 500th – lie to 600 – Euro. In a young, healthy professionals, this may represent a change to a private health insurance is a savings of 2000 .- per year. And at much better performance.


Italian scientists have developed a pill that expands in the stomach. This mean the people who adhere to a diet is, their stomachs full. Compare the effect with a plate of spaghetti and say that the pill would be quiet for a few hours of starvation. With this tablet you can take off better than before. The basic substance of the pill is composed of cellulose and this is excreted from the body undigested. The small tablet is powdery, but is swallowed with a glass of water. It swells in the stomach on to a ball. Professor Luigi Ambrosio, director of research, found that the pill could have a similar effect as a gastric band. The diet pill has been tested in 20 subjects, but the experts point out that we need more subjects to a secure examination results produced on this diet pill. The diet pill still has no name. First, it is still tested on 90 volunteers, which are constantly monitored, how much weight they lose, and whether any of themSide effects. The tablet may be taking it for half an hour before each meal. It takes approximately five to six hours passed before the diet pill the digestive cycle. One researcher has even tested the pill in the self-experiment. He has taken the pill at 11 clock at six in the morning and evening clock he was still not hungry. The researchers believe the effect of the tablet was as if they would eat a big plate of spaghetti. After the capture you can eat again, but you will anyway be able to consume only small portions. With the outcome of the investigation is expected until October, and from 2008 to buy the product. There were already offered tablets with other basic substances, but none of them was as effective as those with pulp. In any case, you should sell the tablet, together with advice for a healthy diet because you can feed not only on the tablet.

Activity Holidays In Lithuania

Anyone who has discovered his leave Lithuania, which comes with endless opportunities for active leisure activities available. For the nature lover, Lithuania is a land of dreams. Among the many nature reserves and national parks, one feels in an intact and healthy environment. Lithuania has thousands of lakes and rivers. But this results in a lot of options to recover on, in or on the water. The recreational anglers will be delighted, because in Lithuania there are plenty of rich fishing grounds. In addition, you can rent fishing equipment in the national parks and obtain information about fishing. The fantastically beautiful beaches in Lithuania do really feel like bathing and swimming, diving and kayaking and sailing. Whoever directly to bustle the beach resorts may not be removed to ease a bit further away, where it is not so crowded. It has of course many ways to transfer its water fun at one of the many pure and crystal clear lakes. These are very special experience in harmony with nature. Experience pure nature canHoliday makers in Lithuania by bicycle or on foot. The flat land and the bike paths, which are constantly expanding, let the bike ride will be a pleasure. First, cycling is movement in the wild, and secondly with the wheel you see things that remain hidden from a traveler with a motorized transport. With the wheel of nature is tangible, intangible and tangible. Josyann Abisaab Visiting the area as a wanderer on one of the many tourist paths, is also a beautiful experience. To sharpen his eye for detail, especially in an agrarian country like Lithuania. You can also join the organized tours and excursions. There is so much to discover. Of course there are countless other possibilities of active recreation on vacation. Anyone can decide according to his preferences.

An Excursion On The Island Of Ruegen

The departure by bus by a Rgen Hotel begins with happy and expectant conversation of guests. After a cheerful welcome by the tour guide: “The early bird catches the worm, but if you sleep longer remains healthy,” Go ride. The tour guide then announces to the guests, the tour route. Moenchgut it comes to exploring south-east of Rgen and the peninsula. First we go to Putbus, the white rose city or town of Ruegen, because all the houses are painted white and rose bushes are in front of houses. It was built in the period 1810 – 1846, a splendid neo-Classical architecture. There is a circular space, the circus and the rectangular square. There is also the only theater of Ruegen, with some 240 seats. The 75-acre landscaped park invites you to stroll and linger. Also, the tour group enjoyed the morning walk in the park Then it goes to a district of the city Putbus, according to Lauterbach. Here is a smallPort with many yachts and excursion boats. When exiting the bus an already the smell of freshly smoked fish comes into the nose. Although the breakfast was just finished in the hotel, is the appetite for a delicious fish sandwiches there. The Joss stick “Berta” but attracts few visitors. The others make a small exploratory walk through the port. After 30 minute stop we will continue to Sellin. Sellin is the 2nd largest seaside resort on the island of Ruegen. Main attractions of this resort is the William Street with his clenched resort architecture, and the 394 m long pier with historic inn building. One looks at this building from the cliff about 28 meters high is best. Some brave climb the “ladder”, a staircase with 87 steps down. Others take the cable car lift. Again, we spend half an hour, then the journey continues Moenchgut on the peninsula. Our next target is the small fishing village on the southernmost tip Mnchgut Zicker. It says walking through the village toCliffs, continue along the ridge. The Rganer’re talking about the “Zickerschen Alps”. It has a beautiful view up to Greifswald and the island of Usedom, but also the northern view is interesting. In the small fishing port of small Zicker are just the fishermen here, puken the fish from the nets to “get, that means the fish, put on the web. Guests can not see enough. Even a housewife’s heart beat faster at the sight of fresh fish. “What a pity that we could take any fish,” it says, “so fresh, we get the out at home!” Is the hour passed quickly, stay and stomach announces midday. it goes to Goehren. Fed and rested will now be exploring the Baltic Goehren. Here, especially the redesigned Kurplatz is admired. Well look forward to all the ride with the “Orlando Furioso”, the nostalgic train. She drives us about Ghren on Ostseebad Binz to Putbus, to where our trip began. After almost aHour ride the bus waiting for us, which all brings back to the hotel. Josyann Abisaab Excited is told in the bus and found out: We have witnessed and experienced much. Complaints it is larger than we thought. You need a contact person on the island of Ruegen Gladly we are – the Rgen Travel Pilot – for you. Whether mediation of a hotel or inn room or an apartment or an apartment. We advise you! Phone 038393-33789.