A rifle AKM, a modernized variant of the AK-47. A Beretta 92F. HK-91 rifle, a variant of the G3. An AR-15 rifle. Two officers in a SWAT team training. On the morning of 28 February 1997, after months of preparation, including the widespread recognition of its target (the Bank of America branch located on Laurel Canyon Boulevard), Phillips and Matasareanu took five illegally modified fully automatic rifles, three Romanian rifles AIM (a copy of the AK-47), a modified HK91 and an AR-15. They also had two pistols of 9mm Beretta 92F, a .38 caliber revolver and bullets in packs about 3,300 normal and “drum”, and moved from his apartment to the bank in a white Chevrolet Celebrity. They had put protections that have developed in their homes, filled with metal plates to trauma to protect their vital organs.Besides taking phenobarbital to calm their nerves. Phillips and Matasareanu arrived at the Bank of America branch located at the intersection of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Archwood Street in North Hollywood around 9:17 am and set your alarm clock 8 minutes, which was the estimated amount of time it would take police officers in order to respond. Phillips had been using a radio scanner to listen to police transmissions to determine the approximate response time. However, upon entering the bank were spotted by a police patrol car in Los Angeles who was passing by Laurel Canyon . The officers radioed a possible car “code 211” code for an armed robbery. Within the bank, Phillips and Matasareanu forced the assistant manager to open the vault.They at least a hundred shots to frighten the staff and clients of the bank, which were approximately 30 people, to discourage any possible resistance. were able to get 303,305 rather than the 750,000 expected, because the bank had altered their normal delivery times. At 9:38 am, Phillips exited the bank through the north exit and Matasareanu through the south exit. Both officers found dozens of patrol police in Los Angeles who had arrived after the official radio a “code of shooting.” helicopters television news programs were among the first to respond to the warning broadcast by the police, even when the two gunmen shot them, continued with its live broadcast. SWAT team commanders used the live broadcast of the helicopters to move critical and timely information to officers on the scene.


In today’s society and for many years, we need the money to live. While this is a truism meetings, let me continue. Since we got eat: Electricity, water, gas, etc. We live in a house, which generates costs, we will work in any vehicle, own or someone else, we eat, we dress, etc.. There are very few things that do not require MONEY. This usually got it our work, in some cases of rights for working (retirement, unemployment, income from investments or savings, etc..) Or the charity (other people pay for us). We spent many years of our lives to study to be prepared to work, even while working, still learning. All this to generate, with the fruit of our efforts, that MONEY. Those who have been able to prepare more and more often those that have a better job and higher income earned.The training may have been formal (college, university) or informal, given by someone close. However, if higher income people who are perceived to have better QUALITY OF LIFE. In fact throughout our lives or that of someone we know, that income increases and yet QUALITY DE Life, no. Or if it does not last long.Why might this be For while it is very important to have a good income is more important how that income is used or spend and invest. If you do not see clear, I suggest you read the following example.(If you know what we mean, you can skip): John has an income of 2,500 euros a month, works at a company in the forefront, for their work must always be well dressed and well as their peers often do buy clothes brands faces going to work on his car, which of course is also a high-end, live in an area of the most expensive city to be close co-workers and to “have a status” going on vacation to dream places.

What is corporate social responsibility

There are many places where you can learn these concepts.Wikipedia defines CSR as: active and voluntary contribution to improving social, economic and environmental issues by companies with the aim of improving their competitive position and value and added value. Here, I highlight three general types of CSR do well. The first is that, apart from its enforcement of laws, of course, the company can fulfill its social responsibility in doing what it does well and better business in all parts of its business, including its treatment of employees, customers and suppliers.As to their suppliers, can help and encourage them to also follow the same paths of CSR, always beyond the laws that are required to comply. In countries where laws are less stringent or nonexistent, in terms of social responsibility, companies can follow the highest standards in these countries and help raise levels of CSR for all firms. This is the RSC in its business directly and it is the obligation of the company. The second is that the company can use technology, knowledge, infrastructure business to participate in activities outside their company to do well.For example, a technology company can take the technology developed in its normal business use, or allow its use in activities that are not part of your business. This activity is not the company’s daily requirement but may be beneficial for the company to meet. The third is pure charity, where he used company funds to help the disadvantaged. Companies should make the first, can do the second and the third should allow for its shareholders.

There Flowmeters consumerism

There Flowmeters consumerism often occurs when one or more of the following cases: A household level. A product is used only once or a small number of times for one like it could last much longer. Examples: non-returnable packaging instead of refillable, disposable razors rather than an interchangeable blade, plastic bags, grocery bags instead of resistant and disposable cameras instead of a conventional one. The amount of inorganic garbage we generate is significantly higher than the amount of organic waste. This indicator is very important for self-reflection of our habits of consumption. We must generate an internal change. Another characteristic of people today is consumerism, when money dominates these, the city becomes a big market and its inhabitant being a producer and a consumer / a.The economic person has two faces, a businesswoman and a consumer, the employer is concerned for the prosperity of your business, trends in business people are having more and be larger than the others. Quickly to carry out their own economic plans is as important as its massive nature. It attracts new. You lust for power. Nearly all entrepreneurs are working to the limit of human possibility, which is harmful. The same economic values is to be exchanged and consumed, as of spiritual values to be expressed and communicated. A light person is not interested while the heroes and saints as in other cultures, their models are those who have succeeded financially, people full of things, but outside metaphysics in general material welfare increases as the spiritual development reduced. This peculiarity of modern people is tied to this that we can call it a homo economicus. This economic person we have spoken has two faces: entrepreneur / consumer.Modern civilization does not know what the meaning is one who is ignorant. It’s that or one that integrates a consumer society. Economic values are exchanged and used. The consumer does not differentiate people. Both economic and spiritual. Material wealth played an important role in human societies, but never established itself as an object of admiration today.

Critical Like

Critical Like other search engines, search index Nestoria is as accurate and current as the data obtained by its sources (portals and websites), which in turn depend on the data supplied by agents and individuals. The quality of these results depends on the motivation that estate agents have to update and supplement the information they have. In Spain and Italy, the housing market is based on non-exclusive contracts between sellers and estate agents. These agents try not to disclose accurate information to publish this property on the Web. In this case, the situation makes Nestoria is incapable of geocoding properties in a map with precision.

1965: Sonny and Cher

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Salvatore Phillip Bono.
Sonny Bono worked at the time with producer Phil Spector at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood. Through Sonny, Cher enters the musical field recording demos, singing in choirs and participating in various Spector recordings for artists like The Righteous Brothers and Darlene Love. Spector saw the potential that had Cher’s voice and no doubt to launch the music scene. Under the stage name Bonnie Jo Mason, Cher released her first single in 1964 called Ringo, I Love You, dedicated to Ringo Starr, without success. Spector’s efforts did not stop and decided to join Sonny Cher under the stage name Caesar and Cleo, releasing the single “The Letter” that also failed.
In early 1965 decided to relaunch under the name “Sonny and Cher” and his first studio album, Look At Us, which was a bestseller in the U.S. and European markets. From this album came the single “I Got You Babe” which became a worldwide success reaching 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In this success was followed by singles “Baby Do not Go”, Just You “” But You’re Mine, “” Little Man “and finally” The Beat Goes On “.
That same year the duo appears on entertainment programs like The Ed Sullivan Show, American Bandstand, Top of the Pops, Ready Steady Go! and Shindig!. Cher icon stands out as modern popular for his flamboyant dress and Sonny and Cher soon became a hippie icon. Cher parallel launches her debut solo album entitled All I Really Want To Do, which was much appreciated, and reached 16 Billboard 200. The single self-titled album is a reversion to the Bob Dylan song of the same title and reached the 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1966 he released his second solo album entitled The Sonny Side of Cher, who was a great success in the UK, this album came the singles “Where Do You Go” and “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” (both composed and produced by Sonny Bono). This last song was a huge hit in America, becoming the most successful single by Cher in the 60s. In 1966 Cher released her first self-titled album that, while not as successful as previous ones, including the single “Sunny”, I occupy the first places in the UK charts. The following year released a new studio album called Backstage, but was a commercial failure.


Herbalife in the Marketplace: The people using the products realized two things: controlling your weight, and his friends wondered as they had done. Quickly it became clear that the”word of mouth advertising “works better than any other – people would realize the results for itself! In fact, the first distributors realized that if someone could get enough subject only to ask, the products sell themselves. So where were promoted Herbalife, with buttons and stickers that read, “Control Your Weight Now, Ask me As”. Perhaps you have seen too – the family messages in red black and who are now in over 65 countries worldwide. Herbalife offers a wide range of scientifically advanced products, not only for weight control, but also for improving nutrition in general, the skin care and hair. There are over 150 different products for all life processes, with new products launched constantly. To ensure that Herbalife products are safe and effective and the latest in nutrition technology, Herbalife has a Medical Board, which includes a group of renowned medical experts, scientists, nutritionists and professionals in health care, including the Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine 1998. They supervise the research and development of Herbalife products. Many members are also trained around the world, so that distributors are kept well informed about the Herbalife product line. Although Mark Hughes is no longer with us, its principle guides us, their loyalty to the worldwide network of Herbalife distributors, customers, employees and shareholders remains because we continue to observe this principle in everything we do. The dream of Mark to bring good nutrition around the world come true every day. 27 years of success. Backed by 27 solid years of success, Herbalife International is a world leader Industry of nutrition and personal care, reported sales of 2.1 billion dollars in 2000. Herbalife aims at an even greater expansion in today’s global marketplace, adding new countries every year. Herbalife is a publicly traded corporation on the NASDAQ stock exchange, characterized by exclusively considering high technology firms. Operations Center in Inglewood, CALA Herbalife headquarters is located in a 15-story tower in Century City, California, just two miles from the original location in the heart of Beverly Hills where Mark Hughes started Herbalife 25 years ago. matrix Herbalife Office in Los Angeles, CADE 1984 to 1996, the Company was based in an office building near Los Angeles International Airport.